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Joseph Prower is the elder brother of Miles Tails Prower and the current Apprentice Steward of the Multition Default and is about 30 years old with Neon Red fur. He has, however, been alive for several thousand years, leading him to be a very wise person (see Age-Lock)(<–that isn’t posted yet…). For his standards, see He is of patient, cool-headed type, which is kind-of required for his position.

Since he is often (hopefully) in other stories, he is generally forbidden from making any major changes, whether they be good or bad. He is allowed to give advice to both sides, as well as making small changes that cascade into larger ones.

As Multition Steward, he has a sizable collection of shells that permit him to be in multiple places at once.

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For behavior and appearance in Pokémon universes, see Joseph Prower/Pokémon.