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I am perfectly fine (and would very much like) to have Joesph cameo or be a guest in any story. I will try to keep the basic stuff short since I know people don't like to read much. So here is the info:

Reminder: This is far from organized as I am trying to prioritize getting the info out over making it look nice.


Character Name: Joseph (Watcher) (Note: last name used to be Prower)

Gender: Male

Age: 30


  • Pokemon only universe: Sylveon with one of the two following color schemes
    • If possible, with a color scheme similar to his original model. The likely mapping for the fur would be:
      • White -> Dim Glowing Neon Red
      • Pink -> Black
      • Blue stays the same
      • Light Blue -> Glowing Cyan
    • I have heard from various people that the above color scheme is (understandably) nuts so can use this one instead:
    • Sylveon was chosen because it is an eeveelution and the base personality matches his very well ("How about we don't fight? If we must, I will kick your rear.")
    • For more information, see Joseph Watcher/Pokémon.
  • Generic: See Joseph Watcher. If that appearance would make him look like a child, make him adult size.

Sexuality: Straight (Taken. Has a wife)

Personality: See Joseph Watcher for details. He is a good aligned person who visits other universes and acts as a neutral observer who will give advice if asked (since he has seen so much).

Title: Steward (like how some people are called Doctor)

Full Title: Apprentice Steward (he has a master)

Examples of things he would say

Note: You may want to check this page from time to time as I will add things to it as I convince myself to be less lazy.

Short Q/A

Q: What if I want/need to put him on the bad side?

A: That is ok, he will just handle the entire storyline as if it is a play he is participating in. In this case, he probably won't be playing himself in the play, maybe a character that "looks similar" that has a different name. He may also complain about things "not being in the (play) script" on occasion. See Things Joseph Watcher would say#Acting the part of the bad guy

Q: What is he supposed to do in [situation]?

A: If you don't know, you can ask me via email, Twitter (@SirIntellegence), and/or Smack Jeeves.


I am fine (and would like) if you would incorporate some of the lore stuff I have. Here is some basic stuff:

The Piercing Eyes (read 3 pages)

Begin the scale (read 6 pages)

He has an uncanny knack to be in the right place at the right time.